Book of abstracts

The book of abstracts can be downloaded here.


Program (Central European Time)

February 2    
9h30-10h Welcome Marja Vierros & Klaas Bentein
Session 1 Keynote lecture  Chair: Klaas Bentein
10h-10h45 Researching the Language of the Papyri: Recent Progress and the Shape of the Future Trevor Evans
10h45-11h Coffee break  
Session 2 Spelling variation  Chair: Sonja Dahlgren
11h-11h30 Fluctuations in the spelling of morphemes in Greek documentary papyri Joanne Stolk
11h30-12h Spelling variation of technical terms in the Greek medical papyri Nicola Reggiani
12h-12h30 Corpora and correctness: spelling variation in an educated papyrus Winnie Smith
12h30-14h Lunch break  
Session 3 Language contact in papyri  Chair: Yasmine Amory
14h-14h30 Regional Loanwords in Latin Papyrus Documents: Some Case Studies to Explore Latin-Greek Bilingualism and Language Contact in Egypt Alessia Pezzella
14h30-15h Contact ‘iotacism’ Sonja Dahlgren
15h-15h30 Coffee break  
     Chair: Sofía Torallas Tovar
15h30-16h Tracing digraphia in one word? The case of Coptic letters in Egyptian personal names and toponyms Antonia Apostolakou
16h-16h30 Written standard and varying practice. Case inflection in the early Arabic documents written on papyrus (622 -912 AD) Fokelien Kootstra
16h30-17h From Greek to Arabic: Loanword Usage in the Late Coptic Letters of the 10th/11th cent Vincent Walter
February 3    
Session 4 Keynote lecture  Chair: Marianna Thoma
09h30-10h15 Communicating in High-Register Greek in Private Papyrus Letters of the Roman Period Amphilochios Papathomas & Aikaterini Koroli
10h15-10h30 Coffee Break  
Session 5 Linguistic levels and language change  Chair: Trevor Evans
10h30-11h A Quantitative (High-)Register Analysis of Greek Papyrus Letters (I–IV CE) Emmanuel Roumanis
11h-11h30 In search of glimpses: the contribution of papyri to the diachrony of relative articles Eleonora Cattafi
11h30-12h Once again on non-finite complement clauses in non-literary papyri Jerneja Kavcic
12h-13h30 Lunch break  
Session 6 Digital and corpus-based approaches to syntax and morphology  Chair: Joanne Stolk
13h30-14h Of treebanks and collexemes: collostructional analysis and documentary papyri Francesco Mambrini
14h-14h30 Twigs and boughs: ordering patterns of noun phrases with multiple modifiers Polina Yordanova
14h30-15h Coffee break  
    Chair: Aikaterini Koroli
15h-15h30 Diminutives in the Greek papyri (and related sources): a corpus-based investigation Alek Keersmaekers
15h30-16h The popularity of the articular infinitive in Greek documentary papyri Marja Vierros
 16h  (Virtual) drinks  
February 4    
Session 7 Keynote lecture  Chair: Marja Vierros
09h30-10h15 The language of the magical papyri Sofía Torallas Tovar
10h15-10h30 Coffee Break  
Session 8 Syntax  Chair: Silvia Luraghi
10h30-11h Wishes in the papyri and the Post-Classical reorganization of the wish system Ezra la Roi
11h-11h30 Insubordination in Greek documentary papyri: the case of ὥστε independent sentences Giuseppina di Bartolo
11h30-12h Insubordination in a corpus of early Byzantine Greek letters from Egypt Victoria Fendel
12h-13h30 Lunch break  
Session 9 Papyri and communication  Chair: Amphilochios Papathomas
13h30-14h Linguistic and graphic strategies of textualization in Greek letters from the Early Arabic period Klaas Bentein
14h-14h30 Everyday occupations in Roman and Late Antique Egypt: Linguistic Variants and their social implications Marianna Thoma
14h30-15h The sound of silence: investigating non-verbal aspects of (im)politeness in Greek letters on papyrus Yasmine Amory
15h Final discussion and farewell